Technical specification

Cold Laser

1800 mW continuous power
808 nm IR (infrared) wavelength
200 mW continous power 680 nm visible red laser
Voice control
No physical button- supports only precise veterinary protocols 
Dosage calculation based on protocols adjusted to horse activity level and physical attributes

Smart App
Appearance and application
of therapies
Logging daily activities
Recording option of all important data 
Connects direct to a veterinary 24/7 hotline
Option to create evidence based
“Digital  Passport” supporting horse trade
Option to evaluate overall performance
changes related to diet and supplements
Social sharing – connects horse owners to
share facts based learnings 

IOS & Android

Bluetooth 5

Auto Connect
The mobile application recognizes
the device and connects automatically

Smart UI Signals
The device communicates
with haptic feedback

Logging your pet
Storing favorites and logging
applied therapies

Easy download
Apple Store and
Google Play download

Wireless charge
The dock can be used as
a power bank

Docking station
Charging the equipment from the network
Automatic charging

Battery life
Without docking 2 hours of operation
and 24 hours of standby time

Fast recharge
Full charge in 30 minutes

internal Li-ion battery


Small and easy 
Extra long battery life
Bluetooth communication with the app

Smart blanket

7 Integrated ring on the most frequent “pain” points
NFC based communication with the app
Strong magnets ensure hand free operation


Military grade
Fire proof, water resistant

Contact Balázs Endrei
Szentendre, Kálvária út 16/C, 2000
+36 20 911-8633
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